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Our Packages


Spark - $49

Our Spark package is the ideal starter kit for brands aiming to establish a strong social media presence. We offer four expertly crafted ads per platform, designed to align with your brand and engage your audience effectively. With a set number of free revisions, we collaborate with you to refine content to your satisfaction. Completion time is typically 2-3 business days. Ignite your online presence with our Spark package and witness your brand come to life on social media.


Ignite - $99

The Flame package is designed for brands aiming to drive lead generation with value-laden content. It includes everything in the Spark package, along with an engaging article or blog post (up to 2000 words), and a 7-email drip campaign. These essential components will not only attract your audience but also retain them, helping to build a deeper relationship with your brand. With a few extra days for completion (4-5 business days), the Flame package will set your marketing efforts alight.


Blast-Off - $249

The Inferno package is our ultimate offering, crafted for those who are ready to set the marketing world ablaze. It incorporates all the features of the Flame package, then turns up the heat by adding a comprehensive guide or e-book, making your brand an industry authority. This package is perfect for those who need a thorough marketing solution and are ready to make a significant impact. The completion time can be flexible based on the specifics of the guide or e-book required. Ignite your growth with the Inferno package.


A la Carte Services

Perhaps you're not ready for one of our packages or are looking for something more specific. Our A la Carte options are a perfect fit.

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